by Corey Black

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Raw. Ruff. Rugged. Taking it back to the golden age.


Verse I
Moonwalkin' on the sun like I’m Michael Jackson
Reincarnated parlaying on a star beam
Pick any league, they don’t want it with our team
’95 live only way to describe where my head is
Flooded like the Riverfront in ’94, now they know
How I rep hard, draped up, putting this cake up
My rainy day stash for the revolution, young Black burner
Ambushing city hall with a few Nat Turners
No Ike’s on my squad though
St. Louis Ice cold, demigod flow
No love in the heart of the town
Small city green eyes envy all the gold parts of my crown
Turnt up, but I'm shutting it down
Rebootin the Rasputin of my era
Mirror mind mad reflections only getting clearer
Co Bleezy, I make look it easy


I make it look EASY! (repeat 1x)

Verse II
Known for the spoken word poetry and spittin at open mics
Forgot that the flow was nice, and now that I'm floating like
A butterfly and stinging like a bee
Might have to change my name to Corey Ali, and I be
Osiris and Ra inside of a synagogue
Was born again but the telling me that I been a god
Peace to the 7s, I'm staring at heaven's lights
And praying that when I make it they crucify me like Christ
Gyeah, that's the only way you know you real
If you wanna see the truth you gotta lie, cheat and steal
So I fly, eat and chill with my rebels
a squad full of maniacs, we coming for you devils
Lower self, higher levels, still working on my pitch
In this dog eat dog world, life is a betcha
probably prolly bow down to the pressure
I Still got 25 lights on the dresser, yessir, easy


I'm trying to get paid
Forgive me for my ways
But I aint be sleep in four and a half days
Told em that I wouldn't spaz out on the stage
It's Corey Black in this motha... ooohh they let me out the cage



released February 28, 2013
Produced by The Homie Chris



all rights reserved


Corey Black St Louis, Missouri

Corey Black is a St. Louis born emcee, lyricist, poet, and spoken word artist. His poetry featured on international recording artist L-Vis 1990's debut album Neon Dreams released in October 2011 through PMR/Island/Universal Records. This project is fueled with pieces that are aimed to inspire, motivate, and uplift.

Serve God
Spread Love
Speak Life.

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